One more quick stop > to SEA

What a day today/yesterday was on my last stop of my adventures in Seattle. I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t need one because I was carefree and in no rush since my goal was to enjoy this final day to myself. To explore the unknown. To go with the flow. To be and be happy. I was loving Seattle.

I started with hitting the rooftop of my hotel to see Seattle in daylight and it looked promising. I to the chance of walking in the 60 degree overcast weather (aka freezing to me) from Queen Anne area down to Pikes Place Market. Starting with my brothers suggestion of being basic and hitting the original/first Starbucks… but I didn’t do my research, went to a different Starbucks, then walked to the original and took a picture with my cup outside the real original Starbucks 😂 #TKM. Oopsies. Then I explored the market and I was so overwhelmed! There was so much to look at as almost every stand or store is vintage-y with anything and everything everywhere! And people everywhere! And then I walked into a yelling and fish being thrown! And right then I felt like I was thrown back into real life just like that fish. I became so excited, it wasn’t so quiet anymore. I wandered, probably in circles, and explored.

I stopped for breakfast at Bacco, which was recommended by someone, I forget who, but I didn’t even search it, I happened to walk right by it. And the food was amazing and good juices too! I met a couple from Michigan as they sat the table next to me in a small restaurant and we chatted the entire time. I let them finish some of their meal without me and took off, just back exploring the market. To the gum wall on post alley and hopped in a line for treats, not knowing what but I figured it was good if people were in line. And I was caught in line by my breakfast friends who laughed at me for being in line for a bakery after I just ate. It was a post breakie dessert? And it was good – a cinnamon cardamom braid from Piroshky Piroshky. And with that braid I ventured south to find the waterfall park. I lollawalked my way through Pioneer Square and over to the park. It was mobbed with a field trip of little kids running around, so I kept moving along.

I turned to head back north, surprisingly still walking without any leg pain! I stopped in a tea shop and grabbed some kombucha. I then decided to check out the space needle up close. I almost went to the top, but I’ll save that for when I come back to this city – maybe in summertime with some friends because it seems awesome!

I wondered up to Kerry Park to get an overlook of the city – another recommendation from a Hawaii source. And it was great, I sat and read and was constantly interrupted to take photos of others – which I didn’t mind at all. There was a Norwegian crew that was decked out celebrating Norwegian day and I was cracking up. Apparently they were on a reality tv show too! I stumbled back down the hill into a pizza/craft brew bar to grab a beer and lunch before my flight. It was a great day and so much fun! I grabbed a cab to head to the airport and I weirdly didn’t feel sad about leaving my adventures to head home, to Chicago. I think I conquered Seattle in a day and I will for sure be back.

And now, I have made it back to Chicago. Ready to start the next chapter and ready to keep the adventures going.
Thank you to you for supporting me and reading my blabbering of words! I’m feeling good, happy with myself, and at ease. It’s going to be a good summer and I’m excited to start the new gig.


Oh! And I finished Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, on the plane home – highly recommend, it touched me 😊


Oh! Oh! And that makes 33 states ✔️


Have an amazing Thursday, you made it over the hump, now just make it through the 5pm Thursday struggle 😉

With 💗,


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